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Black lives matter

Black lives matter

Why not try a family vacation at a lake house this year? Explore Lake George in New York

Why not try a family vacation at a lake house this year? Just think of the benefits.  You'll be on what promises to be a memorable holiday vacation with all the comforts (but not the stresses) of home. Everyone can do with a change of scenery this year!
Lake GeorgeImagine a family trip to Lake George, New York. Situated in the six million acre Adirondack Park, it is the ideal place for the outdoor-loving family to spend the holidays together. When you're not whipping up the secret family recipe mashed potatoes or lounging around sharing childhood stories with your kids, you can spend time hiking through the massive park  Search for Lake George Vacation Rentals Lake George

Even though the kids may be out of school, you can still share a piece of history with them by making a trip to the rebuilt Fort Ticonderoga. A visit to Lake George will promise to be the perfect blend of relaxation and bonding for the adventurous family on a holiday break.
Safety Firstmake sure the owner of the …

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Come roam with us as we search for the best places to travel after retirement.