Huge List of 60 Fun Things To Do in the Fall

Things to do in the Fall

Get out there and enjoy this fall with this list of fun things to do, much more than leaf peeping ---

fall apple harvest at the orchard

List of 60 Fun Fall Activities

1.  Go apple picking
2.  Go pumpkin picking
3.  Attend a high school football or soccer game
4.  Go to a county fair
5.  Go to a corn maze
6.  Eat ALL the candy
7.  Rake leafs
8.  Read a book that's about Halloween or autumn
9.  Go for a hike
10.  Make butternut squash
11.  Make Chili
12.  Make an autumn salad
13.  Knit a scarf
14.  Press leafs
15.  Make Leaf Rubbings
16.  Donate food to a food bank
17.  Have a Harry Potter party
18.  Go leaf peeing see the fall colors
19.  Drink English Tea and English Cookies
20.  Apple picking - more fun than it sounds
21.  Make art of out leaves
22.  Go on a hayride
23.  Drink fancy coffee/tea
24.  Bake pies
25.  Have a photoshoot in a leaf pile
26.  Make caramel apples
27.  Corn maze
28.  Go to a pumpkin patch
29.  Bake fall cookies
30.  Take a nature walk
31.  Think of creative Halloween costume ideas
32.  TRICK OR TREAT, because who hates candy? ( Serious fun!)
33.  Decorate/carve pumpkins
34.  Picnic
35.  Bob for apples
36.  Drink cider
37.  Horror movies
38.  Learn to knit
40.  Go to a football game
41.  Have a bonfire
42.  Enter a jack-o-lantern contest
43.  Pick fruit from a farmers market
44.  Have a Halloween party
45.  Play touch football with friends or organize for a game for grandkids or neighborhood kids
46.  Watch old scary movies
47.  Dye hair seasonal colors
48.  Go to an outdoor concert
49.  Buy new PJs
50.  Have a bonfire
51.  Eat pumpkin pie
52.  Go to a college football game
53.  Have a photo shoot with your dog
55.  Airbrush paint art, tee-shirts, and other nifty things!
56.  Take your dog for a walk.
57.  Make a root beer float
58.  Go to the library
59.  Do some art (draw a self-portrait)
60. Play some board games: clue, apples to apples, bananas,  Battleships, whatever suits you!

Please share your ideas for fall fun activities.

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  1. I have always enjoyed the farmers market scene in autumn. That, and higher end coffee that I can't afford all the time. Both tend to wind me down a little after a full year of taking care of business.


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