Black lives matter

Black lives matter

Why not try a family vacation at a lake house this year? Explore Lake George in New York

Why not try a family vacation at a lake house this year? Just think of the benefits.  You'll be on what promises to be a memorable holiday vacation with all the comforts (but not the stresses) of home. Everyone can do with a change of scenery this year!
Lake GeorgeImagine a family trip to Lake George, New York. Situated in the six million acre Adirondack Park, it is the ideal place for the outdoor-loving family to spend the holidays together. When you're not whipping up the secret family recipe mashed potatoes or lounging around sharing childhood stories with your kids, you can spend time hiking through the massive park  Search for Lake George Vacation Rentals Lake George

Even though the kids may be out of school, you can still share a piece of history with them by making a trip to the rebuilt Fort Ticonderoga. A visit to Lake George will promise to be the perfect blend of relaxation and bonding for the adventurous family on a holiday break.
Safety Firstmake sure the owner of the …

Help Build a List of Physical Distancing Social Activities

So far on the list: (wearing mask and gloves - for chronic health issues and immune-compromised folks)

Walk in the Park
Two-person horseshoes, bocce
Backyard social for a small group all bring own chair, drinks, snacks
Small group book club meet outdoors, picnic shelter
Attend music in the park if you can arrange enough social distancing and still hear
Drive-in theatres  Vacation house rental Tennis ( with COVID safe buddy) Golfing
Please add your ideas in comments

Summer Vacation Planning: Safe Travel Ideas in the Coronavirus Era

Most of us who are trying to figure out where to go this spring and summer are facing the dilemma of
the coronavirus.

It seems we might need to avoid groups of people and mass transit. It sounds like the perfect time to get back to nature. Digg out that camping gear, kayak, canoe, and hiking boots.

Canoeing March to September - Kayaks, Canoes, and TubesThe Caddo River in Arkansas is one of our favorite canoe trips.

Very fun for a spring vacation.

This river is gentle enough for novice paddlers to learn on, yet with enough class I and II rapids along the way to keep it exciting. There are good places to stop to swim and fish along the available routes surrounded by the beautiful Ouachita mountains. And it is one of the most consistent floating rivers in Arkansas, allowing our season to span from March to September.
Take a Picnic Lunch A popular route of the river is a 7.5-mile section from Caddo Gap to Glenwood. It hosts a mix of both calm glasses of water and rapids and the view is v…

Colorado Wildlife Adventures

Colorado is home to more than 750 wildlife species. While some call Colorado home year-round, others only stop by for a season. With eight National Wildlife Refuges, hundreds of State Wildlife Areas, 12 National Parks and National Monuments, 41 State Parks and millions of acres of public lands, visitors are never more than a short drive into the wild. Below is a look at seasonal migrations, notable viewing opportunities, wild animal sanctuaries and events to celebrate the wildlife that call Colorado home. 

Seasonal Migrations and Hatches
Brazilian Free-tail BatsMoffat: Every summer, a colony of about 250,000 Brazilian Free-tail Bats roost in the historic Orient Mine in the Mystic San Luis Valley region of Colorado. To view the bats, visitors can take a two-mile hike from the Orient Mine Welcome Center and observe bats entering and exiting the mine’s opening. The bat outflight occurs around dusk. Also known as Mexican Free-tail, these bats are small and gray-brown with long and narro…

Bucket List Ideas

Come roam with us as we search for the best places to travel after retirement.